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Lectures / Seminars

Lectures / Seminars

Ar. Sukumar Dharmadhikari

Ar.Sukumar Dharmadhikari explained the nuances of interior designs and the challenges faced in this field. He advised the students, while presenting his residential & commercial work, the ideologies of this field. A very good interaction indeed.

Ar. Nilesh Kenkare

A leading Architect & interior designer has his ideas implemented in his visuals. He show cased his work, but in a different manner, the drawings were show in his lecture and how the working drawing & presentation drawings how transformed into actual work, amassed all the students. The accuracy of the drawings is a big key to success.

Ar. Archana Salil

Absolutely an over wheeling experience as Ar. Archana, explained the interiors of “Laboratory design” elaborately. The need to specialization in a particular topic and developing ourself for creating an avenue, and eventually creates a niche in the market for self.

Ar.Rachana Gupte

It is with great delight and happiness that I find myself writing to you today. When you invited me for a guest lecture on the 29th of October, little did I know that I would have such an enjoyable time there. Let me congratulate you on an extremely well equipped and lovely campus and the most efficient team that you have there. Far from committing mistakes, your team was very helpful and extremely accommodating. I am further impressed by your students, when most of them could manage a fantastic job within a time span of 45 mins in the workshop post my lecture. Kudos to them! I had almost no doubt in my mind, that this institute and the students lucky enough to get in here, will go a long way and will make a name for themselves in this profession of ours. Your ideas for the betterment of not only your institute but also our profession are commendable and I would really feel honored to be a part of them as and when time permits. All the best to you and your team and congratulations again on a wonderful setup!

IIID Seminar

IIID arranged a seminar, the ninth in the series, was held at Aditya “Ar. Rupesh Baid”, a leading Architect presented his work and the students of architecture & interior attended the same. Different styles were show cased & discussed.

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