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About ACDS

We at ACDS strive to achieve interior design excellence that needs not only the skillful creation of forms and aesthetics but also inspirations from an in depth bank of technical knowledge and practical know-how.

Aditya College of Design Studies sees a bright future for the students and swears that we will inspire the creativity within the students and open their minds to the new vistas, giving them a broader perspective towards their lives.

Short Term Courses

1.Drawing and Painting & Mural Designing

As a Fine Art course, you will not only learn about drawing, painting and mural but also art appreciation, types of drawings & how to develop concepts in painting.

2.Ceramic Designing

The course in Ceramics and Pottery primarily aims at providing facilities for creative exploration of this most basic yet potential medium. One shall study the methods and processes involved, know the various clays used, and evolve various 3-D forms. 

3.Set Designing

This new course of set design, foresees the future prospects of it. In this course you will learn about elements of design, estimating & costing, model making and designing of sets along with practical training.

4.Graphic Designing

The course imparts on training in software being used for graphic designing and enhances the artistic talent of the person as well. It will expose you to electronic media, audio-visual media, publishing, manufacturing, printing as well as film and animation.

5.Study of Vastu Concepts

The professional training course will provide you with invaluable tools and knowledge for your personal and professional life. Learn how vastu can enhance your health, support your prosperity, and bring you the harmony and fulfillment you want in your life.